Computer-Aided Musical Orchestration with an Artificial Immune System

Here you will find resources and more information about Computer-Aided Musical Orchestration with an artificial Immune System (CAMO-AIS). The main resources are listed below. The sidebar also has sound examples and much more.

Article in SWEVO 2019
The article in Swarm and Evolutionary Computation is available at

listening test
Original Listening Test
The original listening test is available at

Research Data on Zenodo
The research data from the SWEVO 2019 article is available on Zenodo

EvoMUSART 2016
Article at EvoMUSART 2016
The article at EvoMUSART 2016 is available at Springer LNCS

Research Gate
Project on Research Gate
The project on CAMO-AIS is also available on Research Gate